How we work with you


Over the years we have found that investing time in getting to know you and equally for you to get to know us is the starting point for a successful relationship. We therefore typically use the following process to develop our relationship with you.

 Award winning independent advice


Before committing to anything, we want to be sure we share the same principles and are ready to work together for the long term. It is important that you work with a financial planner you like and trust. At this stage we will get to know each other, with initial exploratory meetings and calls, when you can explain what has prompted you to seek financial planning advice and tell us about your background. We will ask questions to help understand what is important to you and what you want to achieve in your life, in the short and long term. We will also ask about your financial situation. We will set out how we work and what you can expect from our process. There is no cost to this stage.

Evaluation and analysis

After you have engaged with us, we will give careful consideration and exploration of your situation and what you want to achieve. We will then clearly set out our advice to you in a report. This will include an action plan of what to do and when. Depending on your circumstances, our advice might include details about restructuring your wealth, updating your investment portfolio, tax planning, reducing costs and improving your options.


Once we have completed our evaluation and analysis, we will often arrange a planning meeting whereby we will share our findings and discuss the different routes available to help meet your objectives. This meeting is more about fine tuning.


When you are ready, we will work with you to start making the changes we recommended. We will do as much as possible for you. We will also work closely with your other professional advisers like your lawyer, accountant, property agent, or tax adviser as needed.


Your situation will change over time, and it is important that your financial plan is regularly adjusted. We will usually fully review your wealth and objectives and meet with you at least once a year, based on what you would prefer. We will be in touch from time to time throughout the year to check how you are. You should contact us if there is ever anything we can help with or any concerns that we can address. We offer meetings face to face or via Zoom or Skype, plus regular contact by phone, email or letter – it’s all included in our monthly fee if you take up our ongoing service. We listen carefully to what you need and tailor our advice to suit you. Our advice is focussed on helping you achieve your goals.

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