Our Approach to Fees


Our approach to fees is very simple – we have a transparent, all-inclusive fixed fee charging structure which is not based on the amount you have to invest, the amount we manage or contingent on you buying a product.

It is important to us to agree fees that represent fair value, both to ourselves and our clients, which we believe provides a solid foundation for a successful long term relationship.

Fees will be explicitly detailed in monetary terms, and agreed by you in advance, prior to work proceeding.


Once it has been established that we would each like to work together, we will put together a documented scope of work, setting out the services we propose or have agreed to provide, and how much it will cost for you to review and approve.

When it comes to charging for initial financial planning and advice work, some firms still levy a percentage based fee, contingent on you purchasing a product. We do not take this approach as we believe it creates a conflict of interests in motivating an adviser to ‘sell’ a product.

We believe that the value we add is in the advice and planning and that it is fairer to agree fixed fees with you, in return for a specified and personalised service, irrespective of whether a financial product is purchased.

Please refer to our Client Agreement, for a clear explanation and examples of our costs.


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